Terra Do Rio 'Tinta Cao' 2020 (RRP $30 WM $23.90)

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Tinta Cão is a premium red wine grape varietal traditionally used in the production of Port Wine. It almost vanished from many of the vineyards in northern Portugal’s Douro Valley, its traditional home. Tinta Cão translates to 'Red Dog' and it is a variety that tends to low be low yielding and tolerant to fungal disease.

The Terra do Rio Tinta Cão grows in red loam soil that covers a layer of calcareous rock. The vineyard is hand pruned and hand harvested. All the grapes are picked into half tonne picking bins and chilled for 24 hrs before crushing.

This wine has been fermented via indigenous yeast (wild ferment) in old French oak. The use of animal by-products has been forbidden throughout the winemaking process, so this wine is vegan friendly.

A rich wine with vibrant colour. The aroma of the wine is full of berries and spices and the palate is juicy with rich with fine tannins.