Seraph's Crossing Venus and Mars Shiraz 2012 (RRP $37 WM $29.90)

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Almost impossibly lavish, the 2012 Venus and Mars Shiraz stretches credulity to breaking point vis à vis how much flavour one can actually get into a wine.
With a nose that has a monumental perfume to it (try it, and you'll see what we mean) of roasted blackcurrants, more blackcurrants and the aroma that you get when you coat a ham with brown sugar, stud it with cloves and bake it, this wine is entirely built for pleasure.

After more than four years in barrel (and it needed it, it really did, to tame it) it has utterly absorbed its (40%) new oak and is chock full of wonderfully fresh and vibrant purple and black fruit, with the whole cut through, balanced and made more complex by warming spice and rounded tannins. Absolutely a catholic wine, it'd appal any good puritan.

285 dozen and 100 (individually numbered) magnums bottled.

Vineyard: Watervale
Altitude: 430 metres
Harvested: 29th March
Vinification: Whole berries, natural yeast, 18 days maceration, pressed to oak, aged on lees, no racking, no fining, no filtration.


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