Ricca Terra Daisy Chain White Field Blend 2020 (RRP $22.50 WM $18.90)

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Varietal Mix
A unique blend of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, Fiano and Greco

The Story
We are committed to investing in Mediterranean grape varieties and discovering how best they suit our region. We are excited by their unique qualities, ability to adapt to our climate, and of course their drinkability! Like the flowers in a Daisy Chain, Ricca Terra wouldn’t exist without a chain of important people. Our vignerons and winemakers; our bottlers, storage and transportation teams; our distributors and sommeliers; and most importantly you, our customer. The ‘Daisy Chain’ is our way of acknowledging and thanking everyone for their part in our wine journey, from vine to bottle. “Do you have a sweet wine?” was a common request from many of our customers. Sweet no, but pretty, yes! The co-fermented Fiano and Greco provides crunchy acid punch to this wine, while the Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains gives floral lifts. This unique blend gives our drinkers the impression the palate will be sweet, however, the surprise is a sophisticated dry finish and flavour-filled wine.

Of all the Muscat grape varieties, Muscat Blanc à Pettits Grains is the most elegant and arguably the easiest to grow. It is also one of the first grape varieties harvested at Ricca Terra Farms. The canopy is prone to rolling, which can expose the grapes to extreme heat during summer, which will lead to fruit burn. To overcome this, the canopy is tipped in early November to stimulate lateral growth on shoots, which stops the production of long cane, avoiding the canopy rolling. The fruit can burn easy from direct sunlight, so protecting the grapes within the canopy is essential. Each grape requires individual treatment to overcome challenges and play to their strengths. Avoiding ‘cooked and stewed’ grapes is the challenge when growing Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and powdery mildew is the primary enemy! Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains is prone to infection and must be managed, while the Fiano and Greco have an ability to hold loads of natural acid when grown in a warm viticultural climate. Winemaking: To retain the aromatic floral flavours of Muscat Blanc à Pettits Grains, grapes are harvested at around 11.5 Baume. The Fiano and Greco are harvested close to 12.0 Baume and then fermented in stainless steel before being matured in old French barrels for six months. The inoculation of the must with year ensures for a predictable and safe fermentation process. The result is a refreshing wine made to drink now.
Alc/Vol: 12.5%

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