Koonara Cape Banks Pinot Noir 2021 (RRP $28 WM $24.90)

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According to J. Gladstone the Biological Effective Degree Days (BEDD) – where you add all the temperatures of the growing season together – of the top sub region of Burgundy is 1242. Mount Gambier’s BEDD is 1245, making it the closest to - the most famous French Pinot Noir region - Burgundy that we have in Australia. Est. 1883, the Cape Banks Lighthouse is a significant orange monument standing as a sentinel on South Australia’s rugged South East coastline. The lighthouse’s powerful lamps shine shafts of warning light across the wild Southern Ocean, offering protection for passing vessels from treacherous hidden reefs.

We are very proud of our wines - we hope you enjoy them.
Dru Reschke - owner and vigneron

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